“He was so happy, it was his whole life,” said an aunt, Ann Sanders. BY VALERIE SCHREMP HAHN • vhahn@post-dispatch.com > 636-255-7210. She got me strengthened to the point where even though I’m missing a number of fingers, I was even able to do a few unassisted pull-ups. Survived By: Daughter - Annie (Daniel) Coogan of Saint Charles, MO, Son - Carl Oberle, Jr. of Pontoon Beach, IL, Son - Andrew Oberle … Andrew shares his story of survival hoping to inspire others as they experience tough times and create a national dialogue about the effects of resilience and community on a thriving recovery. "And you can never relax with these chimps. When my pleas didn’t work, I tried fighting back, but I didn’t have any luck. And even prouder to announce that this program that we’re inviting these patients to, our top supporters and donors wanted it to be called the Oberle Institute to tell that story of resilience and survival. I was doing my master's research. So I went there to conduct some master's research on chimpanzee tool-use behavior.

My core was destroyed, so I had no support. So with that confidence and my new prosthetics, I went to the gym every day to get stronger and faster to where, now, I’m running 5Ks with Angie, I’m doing unassisted pull-ups. He also has prosthetic's where both of his feet were because they were past the point of repair. Genevieve, MO.

Tell me about the care you received and the technology that helped you recover. A lot of people in my shoes do this, as the prosthetic devices are a lot more common and easier to use. Now, what made it even worse for me was that I knew these chimps. He is now engaged to a Vanessa Cowart who he met two years ago and has a three-month-old daughter (pictured), Oberle and his daughter dressed up as Anakin Skywalker and Princess Leia.

I loved how humanlike they looked, the way they moved. Chinups vs. Pullups: Which Works Best for You?

Do you remember what happened to you?”  I wanted to say yes, but I couldn’t spit those words out.

Oberle's left arm was mauled and he lost fingers on both hands. The mauling left his skull and facial bones exposed. Five years ago, Andrew Oberle Jr, 31, was attacked by two chimpanzees at the institute he was working at in South Africa. In 2012, Andrew Oberle survived a brutal chimp attack. So growing up, I spent as much time in zoos as I possibly could and I eventually wound up as a graduate student in anthropology. It took close to a year to get my core strength back. One testicle was ripped off and he suffered deep lacerations to both legs and lost several toes. The sanctuary was temporarily closed after the attack, said David Oosthuizen, the institute's executive director. Oberle is in stable condition and induced sedation, doctors said. July 1, 2012— -- A Texas graduate student was standing in a restricted area for which he did not have clearance when he was pulled under an electrified fence and mauled by two chimpanzees at a South Africa chimp sanctuary, officials said today. The doctor, they did an emergency tracheotomy. Now, I don’t really remember the substance of our conversations.

Before arriving, he had been treated like a son by his owners, who dressed him in clothes, shaved his body and taught him to eat at a table using cutlery, the website said. I had a trainer with me, and I had gym equipment around me. So far research is going great. He'd leave for the day and I'd start to think about things, what happened to me, where I was, what might happen to me. Then I got a prosthetic device for my other foot and that’s when I was able to go out and start walking. Since my wrist was destroyed, I needed to have new tendon connections in there to help me move it. GPs are 'told to prepare to give jabs to over-85s and... Parents of schoolchildren do NOT face a greater risk of being admitted to hospital or dying of the... More proof England's lockdown was premature? Watch This Man Get Attacked By a Bear—and Survive the Encounter, ​This Fearless Instagram Model Survived a Shark Attack.

On June 28, 2012, Oberle was giving a tour at the institute when the two chimpanzees attacked. A look at what it took to get the chimp off the American student. The comments below have not been moderated. Log in or Activate your account.

There were a lot of things that were really going on at that point that were trying to keep me down but I remembered those notes and I remembered what Yapi said, how he made me feel. And Dr. Kraemer also uses this really amazing product called MatriStem, what us patients like to call “Magic Fairy Dust.”  What MatriStem is just a powder.

He was working at the sanctuary as part of his graduate program at the University of Texas- San Antonio for his degrees in anthropology and primatology. We did a lot of standing core training. Oberle lost an ear and parts of his fingers in the attack, according to the South African newspaper Beeld.

"The doctors are satisfied at the moment ... with the patient's condition," said Carmen Savva, the hospital manager overseeing Oberle's recovery in Nelspruit. I’m not just in awe by how cool these animals are and how they act and what they do but I’m in awe at the role that they’ve played in my life now to get me to where I’m at, actually building something that’s going to help hundreds, if not thousands of other people in St. Louis and around the world find that resilience and thrive after they go through something horrible. He is now opening a trauma care program at St. Louis University Hospital, to help other people with trauma.

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