A soldier does not have to salute when working, is indoors, or when there are hands are full. A custom is a social norm stemming from tradition and enforced as an unwritten law. The traditions of the Marine Corps date way back since 1775 and the current regulations have been derived from the way marines in the past carried out their day to day activities. The customs and courtesies we abide by, govern our actions with and without uniform.

The concept of bearing has some aspects that are unique, others that are more overarching and the same across the board. possibly the oldest one that has been around since before the Army was officially established and still lives today is the Armys rules, regulations and policies on customs and courtesies. A courtesy is a respectful behavior often linked to a custom. Though if you are in pursuit of an accurate cultural awareness, there are many tools to help you reach this. A courtesy is a respectful behavior often linked to a custom.A military courtesy is such behavior extended to a person or thing that honors them in some way.Military customs and courtesies define the profession of arms. Context. courtesies. The samurai were a class that didn’t start as a class used in, the Chinese, some topics of discussion have become lost in translation. Custom courtesies are put into place to give the proper respect for noncommissioned officers and the officers placed above them.AR 600 – 25 customs and courtesies is considered to many to be the foundation pillars of military life and major fundamentals to the methods that the Army conducts its business. A courtesy is a way of displaying good manners and politeness when dealing with other people. Military Customs and Courtesy Essay 2506 Words | 11 Pages. One thing that stands out about Othello that he is black. 123Helpme.com.

All rights reserved. This is a courtesy we use today to address officers. Customs and courtesies are put in to place to show respect for Non Commissioned Officers and for Officers of all rank. Viewers are the lifeline of any production company so making something for everyone is a savvy business move for the film industry. • Respect is given to seniors on the basis of experience as well as education. The But in the Middle Ages, elegant behavior is illustrated in the Middle English poem, “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” in a detailed account of a holiday celebration at King Arthur’s castle. It is exampled in FM 7-21. Russia is a unique culture with different customs, language, politics, historical value, terrain, and weather. Later Knights would raise the visor to their helmets in a show of respect to other knights. A custom is an established practice. Disrespect is defined as to regard or treat without respect; regard or treat with contempt or rudeness. In this essay, I will be writing about the importance of salutes, standing at the correct position when talking to someone higher ranking than yourself, needed is on respect, and the most suited definition for respect as it pertains to this essay is, deference to a right, privilege, privileged position, or someone or something considered to have certain rights or privileges; proper acceptance or courtesy; acknowledgment.

One known instance of this is the case of the hand salute. The seven army values are also a large aspect of where military behavior and practices stems from. Though the lower enlisted did not salute the officer was still required to render a salute to the lower enlisted.