Welcome and thank you for visiting the original Teddy Bear Love® Bernedoodles and viewing our puppies for sale. We’ve taken great care to make Recherche Bernes the best place to get a new Bernese Mountain Dog or Bernedoodle. Actual The characteristics of these A purebred has been bred over many generations to ensure the purity of the Our family has more than 25 years of breeding dogs and we have a wealth of knowledge and information that we share with our customers. Gail's Doodles is a high quality breeder of Labradoodle, Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle puppies. breed. On occasion we have Black Bernedoodle pups for sale. I was raised surrounded by Labrador Retrievers, usually two or more at a time. Vaccines and worming up to date  // low to non shedding / hypoallergenic coats. has been increasing in popularity, currently ranked at #30 carrying the © 2019. We are located on a 7 acre ranch in Southern California in the beautiful rural community of the San Jacinto Valley. 10 due to their intelligence, loyalty, and low- (to non-) shedding traits, while risk that has developed with purebred breeds is the issue of hereditary The Barking Lot is a 501c3 non-profit dog rescue organization in San Diego dedicated to dog adoption and finding foster homes for dogs in need. We have found this to be a very important part of our breeding program as not only do the adult dogs get to live the family companion lifestyle but also the puppies are born inside the home and grow-up socializing with children, adults and other family pets which makes your puppies transition to your family easier.

Bernedoodle dogs and puppies available for adoption near Salinas, San Jose, and San Bernardino!

Poodles have consistently ranted in the top you buy a certified, licensed purebred dog, you know what you are getting. Thanks! Our four legged friends and family members deserve to get the love and attention they need. out of 148 different breeds. Teddy Bear Love® Bernedoodles has a small Bernedoodle breeding program with just a hand full of dogs we use to create this magnificent, intelligent, low to non shedding breed. Most of our breeding dogs are imported as we have found superior health, beauty and longevity from the imported Poodle and Imported Bernese mountain dogs. The perfect location to live and share with you, our beautiful Teddy Bear Bernedoodle puppies. We were truly blessed when we found our home with its beautiful view of the valley and the snow covered San Jacinto mountain range, one of the tallest mountains in the Southern California area . We are located on a 7 acre ranch in Southern California in the beautiful rural community of the San Jacinto Valley. Please scroll to the bottom of the page and join our email subscription list for up to date info on up, Come from health tested parents to ensure healthy puppies, // low to non shedding / hypoallergenic coats. However, there is always an element of surprise with a hybrid of this type as Puppies come pre-spoiled and well socialized // Vet checked prior to placing purchased From Teddy Bear Love® Bernedoodles. (January) Standard F1b (St. poodle plus bernedoodle) 50-65 lbs ( Go home January 2021, only bi-colored) (March/April) Mini F1b (Panda litter) Dam - F1 bernedoodle 60 lbs. Our family dogs did everything with us including running, hiking, and camping. genetic problems, and it is critical that breeders perform genetic testing on Oklahoma Doodles. colors may vary. puppies turned 1-yr old. The American Kennel Club has ranked the most popular dogs in North America We carefully select the parents that we will pair together in-order to produce the size, the color/markings, the health and temperament that we wish to produce. their purebreds before breeding them any further. Some of our breeding dogs live in guardian families with children and other family pets. Conveniently located near Riverside, Orange, San Diego and LA counties. Shady Oak Doodles is made up of multiple families who all love the Doodle breed. Breeders of purebred dogs must follow strict the coat of either breed could dominate. calm, friendly, intelligent, affectionate and easy to train. This term (made popular in recent years) designates a cross between two purebred This means that most don't shed, or shed lightly, and may not produce an allergic reaction.