But it does share the Christian approach of loving others. COnfucianism for dummies by me: 1. Confucianism is the philosophy based on the teachings of Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC), who was an important Chinese philosopher.Confucianism has a complete system of moral, social, political, and religious thought, and has had a large influence on the history of Chinese civilization.Some people think Confucianism should be called a religion but others do not agree. His real name was K'ung Fu-tzu; Confucius is the Westernized version.

People slowly started to believe in it, because they wanted to have peace, but they had to care for themselves too. False.

This is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level. Briefly summarize three key features of Japanese popular religion: Shintoism, Japanese Buddhism, and Confucianism. Confucianism is based entirely on kindness, mutual respect and an appreciation for character virtues.

Confucius opened private school to tutor anyone who had a desire to learn. Through his endeavors , those literatures were preserved and passed down to the future generations. Ren (Jen), that refers to altruism and humanity.

Filial Piety means loyalty towards ones family.

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‘The daily resources programme is absolutely brilliant. Confucianism is the philosophy based on the teachings of Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC), who was an important Chinese philosopher. East Asians may profess themselves to be Shintoists, Taoists, Buddhists, Muslims, or Christians - but seldom do they cease to be Confucians. They are Western terms, coined in Europe in the 19th century. Confucianism, the way of life propagated by Confucius (6th–5th century BCE) and followed by the Chinese people for more than two millennia. When you are finished, you should be able to: To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.com Member. courses that prepare you to earn Blog. Confucius taught people how to behave in their private life as well as the rules of good government based on love, justice, respect, wisdom and sincerity. There are 2 full sets waiting to be won - enter now! "Confucius," the common name of Confucianism's founder, is a Latinized form of the Chinese K'ung-fu-tzu, "Master K'ung." All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Visit the AP World History: Help and Review page to learn more. His wife should also obey him because that is part of her assigned role. Confucius is famous for many of his sayings but is especially well remembered for his Golden Rule, "What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others.” Something we should all remember! This book is about the discovery and understanding of the harmony and equilibrium in nature and how to act accordingly. Kung Fu-Tzu - the Chinese name for Confucius. 's' : ''}}. No HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. Some content of the original page may have been edited to make it more suitable for younger readers, unless otherwise noted. Confucianism became a social order for China, teaching that social relationships are the most important. The gentle approach to love and kindness is referred to as 'Ren. The sons and daughters shall obey their parent strictly and have compassion toward one another. Myth: Nian, the Horrible Monster. Confucianism is a philosophy based on mutual respect and kindness toward others. Help Improve This Page: Please contact us to become an approved KidzSearch editor and provide your credentials. His statue was erected at the entrance to the schools. ReligionFacts provides free, objective information on religion, world religions, comparative religion and religious topics. However, if the statement is false, write 'F' or 'false' next to it, and then explain why it is not an accurate statement about Confucianism. - Definition, Warrant & Hearing, Managing Patients with LifeVest Wearable Defibrillators in Nursing, Carrying Amount of Notes & Bonds Payable: Calculation & Records, Conducting Patient Risk Assessments in Nursing, Quiz & Worksheet - External Memory Sorting, Quiz & Worksheet - History's Relation to Different Subjects, Flashcards - Real Estate Marketing Basics, Flashcards - Promotional Marketing in Real Estate, What is Cooperative Learning? Confucianism has deeply influenced spiritual and political life in China; its influence has also extended to Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

This page was last changed on 5 November 2019, at 13:13. Chun Tzu - the Confucian ideal of a perfect human being. July 16, 2020. Ultimately, he was always showing a path toward kindheartedness , trustworthiness , loyalty , tolerance , respecting the elders, never talk back to the parents, and preserve , protect , and make proud of the ancestry heritage . Confucianism is concerned with stability in society, as well as proper respect given to every individual. Confucianism is a philosophy based on mutual respect and kindness toward others. Chinese culture that exists today has its roots in Confucianism. Like the father in the family, the emperor is entrusted with the duty to provide and protect his people. Confucius said that the ruler of the state should rule as a father would toward his son.

Home. Confucius strongly believed that a ruler could not bring prosperity to his people by making laws alone, he had to set a good example too. first two years of college and save thousands off your degree. Wath a video about the role that Confucius played in Chinese history, A kids' encyclopedia entry about Confucius, Ancestor portraits were some of the aristic objects produced following the beliefs of Confucianism, A short clip of a documentary about Ancient thinkers including Confucius presented by historian Bettany Hughes is available on the BBC iPlayer. _____ Loving others is the foundation of Confucianism. No data is shared with Paypal unless you engage with this feature. I really enjoyed writing about Confucianism! Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. It was documented that he had more than 3000 pupils many of whom took up important political positions in various war lords’ courts later. Moreover, The Four Books were and still are the required studying subjects in most schools. HubPages® is a registered Service Mark of HubPages, Inc. HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. Learn not to show emotion and know one’s limitation . Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community, Describe Confucius' views on relationships and behavior, Explain the role of inner cultivation in Confucianism. Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized. Live in peace and harmony and keep in touch with the spiritual forces of the universe, including nature. It is always held on 28 September, Confucius’s birthday. > Unlimited respect >Mourning period for 3 years after they die (whatever that means.. apparently government officials were not to work due to mourning'; sounds good; like a holiday) 2. All rights reserved. This new, refined version of the philosophy did not completely take root until the next dynasty, the Han (140-87 BC). There are five texts which contain Confucian scriptures. Family values are a very important part of Confucianism. Confucius wrote a book called Spring-Autumn analyzing the political events and the people involved at the time. It is the Confucianism that many people are familiar with today. Confucius began the movement of leadership through merit rather than bloodline. First, he needs to understand the nature of things and set a goal of lofty achievement. Some people think Confucianism should be called a religion but others do not agree. Confucius gave up his job in the government so he could concentrate on teaching people how to live in peace. To be one with nature, know when to give, how much to take, and adhere to one’s position and function. Can you try to copy them? Then, test your understanding of the subject with a short quiz. Password must contain at least one uppercase character. _____ Confucius was given his name by Jesuit missionaries who were visiting the region. credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities. Some people think Confucianism should be called a religion but others do not agree. Confucianism has a complete system of moral, social, political, and religious thought, and has had a large influence on the history of Chinese civilization.