For this type of werewolf, the expression is quite literally true. And because if said humor is lacking, he might get in trouble for his card.

He gives Liam a grin. His expression turns mischievous as he looks down to Liam's gift that Derek hasn't opened yet.

His fangs are keen and his jaw powerful enough to shatter solid bone. "Standard disclaimer, you can exchange or return it if it doesn't fit or whatever.

And meanwhile he gives the thumbs up to Oliver for no real reason. After the whole situation came to a point, with Peter killing Kate at last, Derek confronted his uncle and killed him, becoming an alpha in the process. High-quality Derek Hale Teen Wolf Greeting Cards designed and sold by artists.

Get up to 35% off. Stiles flips the underwear around, as suggested, and then gapes at what's been bedazzled there.

Alpha werewolves of this type are capable of producing a roar that has supernatural properties.

I'm just gonna put this cake in the kitchen. His claws, however, are even more potent and able to cut through even substances as dense and sturdy as steel. Because Scott is noted for his smoothness and stealth. Liam Dunbar rushes in with the rest and yells, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" He's also known for portraying Martin Brewer on 7th Heaven and in 2016, he was cast as Superman on the series Supergirl. But he also feels the presences, the family he now has, there for him, at this important date. He's more worried about what happens when Derek opens his own box. He grew up in Beacon Hills, in a house named for them, called Hale House. He was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for his role in Teen Wolf. Just a little bit. He owns Hale House and the land it sits on, as well as having significant financial resources at his disposal.

He looks over to Stiles and says, "I'm only holding this because you give good advice.

Derek Hale's Loft, Beacon Hills Derek Hale's birthday. He's also not entirely sure if Ethan actually know what Liam had given the other two. "Hey, have you ever seen The Princess Bride? But later." Maybe dragging Liam too close to Derek isn't the best idea, but it's the only way he can keep an arm around the younger teen while also handing over his gift.

Most Popular #1983. When he was 15, Derek fell in love with a girl named Paige. Derek can take pain from someone else onto himself and alleviate that pain.

Werewolves often find a strong urge to shift during the full moon, as well as on the nights just before and after a full moon. "You... should probably turn the underwear around." This is not as easy to do on those intimately familiar with him, and it is more difficult on those already opposed to him. He can be impulsive in this way, which in large part may have led to him turning the three betas of his pack in the first place.