Now, *WITHOUT SAVING AND WITHOUT GETTING BACK ON THE AIRSHIP*, turn around go all the way back to the beginning where Shadow is waiting for you. When you follow him, you'll find the letter that has him agitated. By using "Rippler", this status can be swapped to another character.

If you take out all the Sewer Rats, they will be replaced with more, wasting precious time. If it fails on some enemies, an uninitialized pointer will cause a bug and mess with the game data, possibly even corrupting save files. This doesn't do a lot of damage, but does inflict Seizure. When you have control again, leave the auditorium and navigate to the dressing room. Early versions of the cartridges for this game featured a bug by which it was possible to return to the world of balance from the world of ruin.

Some people might mention an opera-loving gambler, though, so hold onto that info and make your way to the giant mansion to the north. Flip the one on the far right and then backtrack through the auditorium, making your way through the western passage to reach the rafters. The second glitch is that an Imped Cyan cannot use Retort, so he will use a normal attack instead. Go inside, and speak to Celes. FINAL FANTASY VI > General Discussions > Topic Details. Ultros will counter any Blitz or SwdTech with Acid Rain. The optimize command in the Equip If the battle drags out, it could be problematic for the party. After a sequence of cutscenes, you'll control Celes in Maria's dressing room. Move through each of these steps as quickly as possible: hesitating will throw the whole thing off, and you will have to start the entire sequence from scratch.

With 4 characters in your party some weird things happen. Get back to the auditorium and speak to the Impresario. Siren's Slow can turn the tide of battle, though Ultros is immune to all of the other Statuses your Spells can currently inflict. Make sure to re-equip Celes before you leave the Blackjack. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. All rights reserved. Cyan will begin to attack over and over again. This trick works on the Intangir enemy which is used to net 10 magic points since you cannot cast Vanish and Death in the Gameboy advance version of the game. Sabin's Fire Dance is particularly effective. First, kill Cyan. Take this news to the Impresario. Make sure to save your game before you walk inside -- just to be safe. Once Kefka does his damage you have Shadow in your party to help escape the contintent. Go to the Floating Continent, and, without getting Shadow, go through the entire continent all the way to Atma/Ultima Weapon, and beat him. In the walkway above the Opera House, where Ultros pushed off the 4 ton weight there are a number of rats running around the scaffolding. When he disappears take the bouquet, climb the stairs, and position Celes at the westernmost ledge to throw it. Doom only affects one enemy, whereas X-Zone affects all enemies. If you're using an emulator it's easy enough to avoid this using save states, or just save often. If the party lost to them in the world of ruin they would be returned to the Opera House in the world of balance just as if they had failed to prevent Ultros from dropping the weight. There will be 2 Shadows on the screen when the actual Shadow jumps down to help Celes. (The other switches lead to various amusing events, and are worth checking out even though they waste time. The only way I've found to fix this is to reset and start from your last save point. Now revive the dead, Imped Cyan, and have anyone use the Fight command. The party will reappear outside the Opera House in the World of Balance. After going up the stares, do you head left to the balcony? Technical Details of how Vanish/Doom works: Certain enemies (such as most bosses) has a special bit that determines whether they can be hit by Instant-Death spells or not.

After suggesting to Celes that she "read the script one last time," Locke stands in the doorway. Dispatch him quickly by using a mix of physical attacks, and Tools. You'll see the Impresario from the Opera House running around in a panic. It's not much, but head back down south and enter Owzer's House. Review the score and, when you're ready, head out to the stage. FFVI Opera House Bug IOS. The man in the upper right room tells you to press the far right switch, which you should do. The Sketch bug is a bug from Final Fantasy VI. Upon being defeated by it, the player will be whisked away to the World of Balance instead of the World of Ruin. This will be your first boss fight where you can use Spells learned from Espers. This glitch combines two other glitches. If the party brings Shadowto the Opera House, he'll leave. You can't save at the last save point because once you go down the air funnel everything resets and you can't walk back because the giant wall is raised up. Sadly, while you've gained use of Setzer's airship, the Blackjack, you don't actually control it (yet). Also one of the main reason why I would love to see a remade (HD for this with better music quality that is possible in this day of age)!\r\rPS - I didn't read the script because I was positive I remember everything to perform for Celes/Maria.. and yep, I remembered it 100% lol.\r\r\r------------------\rSystem: PSN-PS1-E\rRank: Default\rGameplay: xxx\r\rWMV HD format, 8.0Mbps Bitrate, 1280x720, 30fps, WMV7 codec As Celes, you will have to flawlessly perform her aria, lest the show be ruined. If you mess up or take too long, you'll fail and have to start over. This page was last edited on 24 November 2017, at 05:01. The Rafters are crawling with rats.

Ultros has nothing to Steal, so Locke in particular should rely on whatever Magic he has available.

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The trick comes in realizing that any creature with the "vanish" status has very poor magic defense and it is affected by virtually all spells, including Doom and X-Zone which offer instant kills. This page has been accessed 55,520 times. Event healing or damage ignores character's status bug, Aeris's ghost and Sector 5 Church glitches, Master Command and Support Materia glitch, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Final Fantasy VI: The Interactive CG Game, Mild Fantasy Violence, Partial Nudity, Animated Violence, Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, Sabin's Scenario - Phantom Forest & Phantom Train, Sabin's Scenario - Baren Falls & The Veldt, Sabin's Scenario - Crescent Mountain & The Serpent Trench, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Ultros will primarily attack with Ink and Tentacle, but has Fire, Mega Volt, and an incredibly annoying Imp Song in his arsenal. Feeling rather sheepish right now. [Go to top]← Spells | Bugs and Glitches | Rages →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki. As a result, the Blind status effect has no effect on reducing the accuracy of a physical attack, and Beads have absolutely no use at all. This is probably the most well-known and most useful out of any of the bugs in the game. The Opera House glitch occurs in the Japanese Super Famicom version of Final Fantasy VI. Here's what Celes has to do: With that done, you'll be in control of Locke. 1 year ago. It is amazing how they can pull this off in the old days with limited sound-bits that were available. Head to the northeastern room and speak to the stage manager located near some switches. Sabin's Bllitz techniques may result in a counterattack, but Ultros is so weak that having Sabin attack him should do plenty of damage (especially if he is equipped with the Burning Fist found in Zozo). Upon being defeated by it, the player will be whisked away to the World of Balance instead of the World of Ruin. If your characters are equipped with anti-imp and darkness relics these attacks won't pose a problem. The progression starts at location 1 then proceeds as follows: → 3 → 2 → 4 → 2 → 1 → 4 → 2 → 3. When Draco appears, "dance" with him by speaking to him when he stops. Offensive Spells such as Fire, Bolt, or Ramuh's Bolt Fist are quite effective in this battle. Summer Game Done Quick (SGDQ) 2014 Speedrun Final Fantasy VI (Puwexil & EssentiaFour) Opera scene (Brossentia - Essentia Four - Puwexil - MisterMV) Any time you run into one, you're forced into an encounter with Vermin and Sewer Rats. The X-Zone spell can be learned in the world of ruin after fighting Phunbaba for the first time.

I activate the convo with Locke to move the story forward but all he says to me is "Maybe you should … Or does the game crash as soon as you arrive on the second floor? You don't need to defeat Ultros within the 5-minute countdown, you simply need to reach him and his 4-ton weight. The trio will have five minutes to get through a rat-infested maze before it's too late. To do this, the player must leave at least one of the rats in the rafters alive, then in the World of Ruin go up into the rafters, battle the rat, and lose. Therefore, when you Vanish an enemy then cast a spell, it will always hit no matter what. This bug is fixed in the Android, IOS, Steam port of the game. The Vanish and Doom spells can be learned in the world of balance after finishing the magitek factory.

You'll have to follow the instructions from the score. He can always make a normal attack, but his other abilities depend on where he is: The progression of Ultros's locations seems very random, but there is a pattern. Have Edgar use his Drill, and Ultros should go down in one or two turns. The Opera House glitch exclusive to the Japanese release of the original SNES version causes the world to revert to the World of Balancefrom the World of Ruin. You only need to defeat him in one location, but if he moves you'll have to start anew (or resume the fight against a previous incarnation). If you have any Sprint Shoes, now would be a good time to put them on. Follow his lead; as long as she is positioned front of him, the performance should go smoothly. He'll use Retort even if he himself attacks. Inside, you'll discover a man called Impresario, who is a frantic mess. The Animals Tribute Channel Recommended for you That's not a bug. This occurs because other characters cannot perform actions while Quick is in effect. This trick works by first casting confuse on the character who is about to use the "Smoke Bomb" item. Once you get back to square 1, grab Shadow, then save at that point. In addition, while certain statuses (Haste, Slow, Life 3, Poison, Seizure, Near Fatal are a few examples) are meant to affect hit rates, they're not in use. Locke will quickly improvise some lines, and a battle set to snazzy music will begin. With the correct switch pressed, head to the room on the other sider of the balcony and enter the door. Keep in mind that the timer still runs while you're on the menu screen. The Impresario is still a mess; Setzer is coming to steal the star of his show, which will ruin the whole thing. It turns out that a fearsome dragon has set up shop in the Opera House, claiming it as its den. Each one is essentially a new Ultros with 2,550 HP. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). I activate the convo with Locke to move the story forward but all he says to me is "Maybe you should read the script one last time" over and over again, no matter how many times I read that stupid script. u/7Mondays. In the walkway above the Opera House, where Ultros pushed off the 4 ton weight there are a number of rats running around the scaffolding. ** PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!! Take a second to equip everyone with the Angel Wings relic, or, Game-breaking bug at the opera house with Celes and Locke After suggesting to Celes that she "read the script one last time," Locke stands in the doorway.