I cannot be alone in thinking this series of Endeavour has been muddled rather than complex. Meanwhile, to our astonishment, Violetta has set herself up in a friend’s sex-pad in Oxford, and Morse is visiting her for regular rumpy-pumpy, or as the Italians say, la cavalcata selvaggia. Barclays actually tried to get other banks to join in with them back in 1967 but they were all willing to let Barclays take the risk in introducing a new concept of revolving credit previously not permitted. you would be financially disadvantaged if they were to die. Apparently this is Matthew Slater the composer and music director of the series. In what twisted version of international policing would a British policeman be allowed to arrest two (presumably Italian) citizens and shanghai them back to Oxford? Time to bring down the curtain? As you say, certainly not a living that would afford you such a lavish lifestyle as Ludo had. So were Jenny’s visions genuine, some sort of psychic connection to her brother, or purely products of her disturbed mind? Someone on other site asked if Ludo ( "I Play) is Hugo de Vries. If Sturgis was on remand when Petra Cornwell died, who killed her? Wouldn’t it just have been easier for Ludo to say that as he had suspicions of Violetta, he had her followed? Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Barclaycard was in effect the only regular credit card on the market as Access didn't launch until 1972. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. -Ludo: 'Violetta hates the opera'! Dorothea, despite being editor of a paper with a massive office in Oxford, calls Fred from a phone box to break the news that Mrs Bright has been found dead, electrocuted while hanging Christmas decorations – how on earth has she found out before the cops? Does Morse go to Kidlington and work with McNutt? How did he have an alibi for the first towpath killing? Chris thanks for this – it’s a very funny review and explained a lot that I was completely bemused about, and I watched it twice! series and I just hope that there is a good send off for Fred and Bright who are marvellous characters, and give a good explanation as to why they are never mentioned in Morse. – for when he confronts Ludo. Bright castigates Fred over his obsession with Carl Sturgis, who quite rightly threatens to sue; but is this some sort of set-up? De Vries’ research into the nature of mutations, summarized in his Die Mutationstheorie (1901–03; The Mutation Theory), led him to begin a program of plant breeding in 1892, and eight years later he drew up the same laws of heredity that Mendel had. I also agree that for all the faults of Endeavour, and we are a tough bunch to please, it still is a million light years better than 90% of the drivel offered to us on TV these days (yes especially the dire Killing Eve). Colin makes a good point about the legality of buying up life insurance.

As to the insurance scam, I’m not sure that it’s even allowable to buy up someone else’s policy. He visits a pub, the Wolf’s Head (nothing sinister there then) and learns about a terrible fire that killed the previous tenants – anything to do with Jenny Tate’s childhood trauma? …was rediscovered independently by botanists. Ludo heeft 2 functies op zijn of haar profiel. Despite all the crazy plot, the acting, sets and overall style is still great and I will look forward to the next (last?) EXCELLENT review. Is Morse completely off the rails making a connection with the death of Mrs Bright, the locations of the insurance scams and the name LUDO? Feels like the writers are struggling to make the transition into the original Morse storyline now we are getting so close to that series start. Omissions? The only link to Morse I could find was developing the arrogant side to him in his dealings with Thursday and which was always evident in his put downs of Lewis. (I predict) Series 8 will be three episodes so that Endeavour completes on 33 total episodes too. Once the wild ride is over Violetta announces that she and Ludo are planning to go to Cortina D’Ampezzo for Christmas – Morse immediately recognises it as a ski resort, which is very well-informed of him.