I happened to hear the tedious yet telling comment on the day of Laser's demise by Gary ?

LASER  -  All Europe Radio,Laser 558 -. Want…Laser 558 was het allereerste échte hitradiostation van A full team of American DJs sailed across the Atlantic with the Communicator, but one of the American management team, Paul Hodge, withdrew from the project before the radio ship reached Europe.

~ ~ There’s plenty more, plus the option to comment on this at: http://www.ChristopherEngland.com ~ ~. jingle-keuzes te danken aan Laser 558 en Laser Hot Hits. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! RIP Laser! internet radiostation and we are 24 hours a day online for you. Listeners. You will …

For a short period of time, Laser became compulsive listening. Stream Radio Laser 558 - Jingles Dti Spoof Promo by The Loanaranger from desktop or your mobile device Laser failed because it had a not very suitable ship, had multiple equipment failures and because the crew became demoralised and gave up. radiostation. And yet, commercial music radio is sooooo boring. Laser's niche was fast moving, few ads, American DJs and very familar music. The legend of Laser 558, a bit like the legacy of the pirate radio stations of the 1960s, is something that far outshone the reality and it grows greater with the passage of time. (Mr Moore do not worry I am right behind the plan to adopt AM now – you take what you can get/do not look a gift horse in the mouth etc). Laser 558 - Technical. He initially wanted to base his station off the Irish coast inside territorial waters on the basis that the Irish Government, having tolerated the increasing number of landbased stations were unlikely to hinder the launch of one from an offshore base, but in case they did the vessel could quickly be moved to international waters. Within a few months Laser 558 was on everywhere. Hier lees je alles wat jíj wilt weten over jouw favoriete It immediately seemed like it had the energy and enthusiasm of the pirate radio of the 1960s. Though I was doing work for Caroline in the mid eighties, I listened to Laser most of the time.But the comment ' like all new ventures, Laser ran out of money and died ' is a nonsense. .You can also use the online web-player to enable you to listen to the Shop. 2 x 25Kw CSI transmitters with a combiner unit. However, Laser is another example, possibly the last example, of how the public are looking for fun irreverent music radio. RADIO Zij waren de eerste…vergeet dat niet!

Radio Laser offers a sponsors or advertisers space! But Caroline did have its share of personality DJs – and there were a LOT flowing through from 83 to 87. They are made by Steve West who recorded them on to reel to reel. New : Newspaper about Laser - Verhaal in Krant. About this time too there were a number of other staff disputes and resignations causing the project to almost founder before it had properly begun. 1    2    3    4    5    6    7   8    9    10      Next, This project had its origins in February 1983, when it had seemed uncertain that, Meanwhile, in New York the initially sceptical Roy Lindau was still pursuing the idea of launching another offshore radio station off the coast of Britain. The listening public was listening and enjoying what they heard.

It sounded loud and it sounded fun, promised to never be more than a minute away from music, and had exciting new zapping noises as its jingles. Correspondingly, the listening public just wasn’t listening. eerste…vergeet dat niet! 558 -The 80's Hitstation. Oh No, not more !Yes Chris, Laser was very good listening.

[we speak Presentation was something that had stopped being fun on Radio Caroline back in the 1960s. “Normal” people did listen though. Stream Laser 558 - Jingles & Promos (6 Mins) by OffshoreHistoryRadio from desktop or your mobile device Soon so many people were listening to Laser that the commercial radio stations around the UK were complaining and goading the authorities to take action against them. In such a case every new business would only last about a year before closing. Need help? Personally I dont prod a Tiger in the ribs unless the beast is on a strong andf short chain and I have a VERY long stick.But then, Laser was great and Caroline was rubbish. This we have obtained by taping during the broadcasts from 1984 -1987. While the Communicator was being fitted out in Florida the backers of the second station (Radio Waves) withdrew their support and that part of the project folded. Genre Pirate Radio. I have to say I miss Caroline and her current internet/sky incarnation lacks the panache compared to when she was out at sea. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? They are recorded in Real Audio format. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud. on radio 1:- “welcome back to the fold” he said. Presentation was snappy, relevant and fun. Dat maakt een bezoekje aan deze site niet allen This and other antics ensured that listeners were not only tuned in to Laser for the times when they would normally be listening to ‘music radio’, but that they would rush home and switch on a portable and listen rather than watch TV. The Radio Laser 558 logo (1984) . [off-line], Listen to Radio LASER 558 The music station MP.3 @128 Kbps. There was the old establishment sound of Radio Caroline, and there was new kids on the block, Laser 558. Flash Player . On 27th August 1983, just a week after Radio Caroline's return to the air an ex-trawler Gardline Seeker slipped out of Lowestoft, Suffolk and headed across the Atlantic towards Florida. laser 558 / 576 Recordings of Laser in it's two incarnations are listed below. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Veel Tune in to RADIO LASER 558 The 80's Station ! to Laser 558.nl station.

Zij waren de After fitting out works had been completed the Communicator left Florida on 17th November 1983 and sailed for Ireland. There's nothing on terrestrial radio where I live in the sticks. radiozender uit de jaren 80's in kaart te brengen. I can categorically state that I have never heard anything to compare since! AAC+. The Caroline reaction was to collectively clench buttocks and to pretend nothing whatsoever was happening. John Kenning, who had been involved in and witnessed the growth and success of the Irish landbased pirate stations, claimed to have access to sufficient financial backing to launch an offshore radio station. Laser came along and filled the void. In a vague attempt at appearing to do something, the Department of Trade and Industry parked an observation boat alongside the ships transmitting as Caroline and Laser. Ook hebben we Winamp . Laser 558 stond aan het begin van de radio-revolutie in Europa. Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. LASER T Shirt ! Lindau had previously been involved with the early plans to re-launch Radio Caroline in 1981, but until persuaded otherwise by Kenning and Rusling he at first wanted nothing to do with another British offshore radio project. Radio Laser 558 - Jingles Dti Spoof Promo, Users who like Radio Laser 558 - Jingles Dti Spoof Promo, Users who reposted Radio Laser 558 - Jingles Dti Spoof Promo, Playlists containing Radio Laser 558 - Jingles Dti Spoof Promo, More tracks like Radio Laser 558 - Jingles Dti Spoof Promo. Nieuw :  Unieke de originele offshore LASER 558 Advertising Package brochure. As the return of Radio Caroline stole the headlines in August 1983 another offshore radio project was secretly being put together in Britain, Ireland and the USA.. Wel proberen we zo volledig mogelijk de geschiedenis van deze populairste music channel, use the On-line True, a bank of a few thousand ‘anoraks’ hung on and were happy to listen to anything and everything that Caroline broadcast, including the religious programming, but the ordinary listeners just weren’t there. Christopher England asks: whose thoughts are yours? what has brought this article on – is there a special anniversary coming up or are we on a slow news day?