We wanted 2 bedrooms, an office, a hallway and living room to be laminated. Patricia, we thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, and regret to hear that your carpet is not meeting your expectations. The vinyl installer picked it up and he had to go probably an hour round trip. Also they agree that the job was not done professionally and of course now I have to set up another appt to get all this completed. Installation is included in the cost, and flooring products cannot be sold for do-it-yourself installation. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter!

Add To List Click to add item SuperFast® Legacy Floating Vinyl Plank Flooring Multi-Width x 48" (18.77 sq.ft/ctn) to your list. It looks just as bad as the carpet before that was old. I would avoid doing business with them.

Day 2 only 1 flooring man showed and worked till 3am and the flooring is bowing and the trim looks like crap. Edwards Oak 6 in. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is one of the most durable flooring types on the market however it won’t keep its good looks without your help.

Also she was aware that we could not remove tack strips from prior carpeting due to the old tile suspected being asbestos tile. Now, I have a finish which will work, but need suggestions on ways to clean the floor before hand. Your Luna sales representative helps you choose the products that are right for your home and provides customized pricing based on square footage.

Please be aware that the site may not function as intended. Well, Callie walks around in a haze of shedding hair. My friend came over and he wants to get Luna so he asked me if I got their information. With easy installation and no special tools required, you I am still waiting for a call back to have the job completed. Be the first one to find this review helpful.

They... Our living room floor was started Tuesday and it is now Saturday. I will be replacing with engineered hardwood.

This is such a serious issue. The only areas that were wet were on the tack strip and they decided to take our floor making it seem like this is what their process is?? No thanks, I'd prefer to continue browsing on United States (English). What person in their right mind would allow anyone to take their flooring that was fine except around the tack strip that needed to dry and pay for more flooring. For product availability and information for your current location, you may prefer browsing our Australia site.

Ready to shop for new floors? Vous vous trouvez actuellement sur le site United States (English) d'Armstrong Flooring. When all they were there for was to complete the job that was started 11 months ago. Vinyl plank flooring closely mimics real planks of hardwood and is more versatile overall. We were scammed. Even if you have one of the many waterproof LVPs, caution with water is never a bad idea. One of the beauties of luxury vinyl plank is that it stays pretty even without wax.

When you schedule an appointment to find your perfect floor, a Shaw Flooring Expert will guide you through the process. Completely terrible. Everything was done in one day so it was awesome and the installation was very good. I saw many very nice samples (thick pieces that resembled thick tile). Learn More About Flooring Products from Luna. All Rights Reserved. The algorithm is subject to change in future. Dear customer, this is not the experience that we wish for our customers. You may find that your floors are so clean after vacuuming that attacking the few remaining dirty spots by hand is the most effective approach. L Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (20.06 sq. Do you have Luxury Vinyl Plank in your home? Your email address will not be published. Warm water paired with a dot of dish detergent on terrycloth is the worst enemy of sticky, icky spots when you add some elbow grease.

You are currently on the United States (English) Armstrong Flooring site. We received a text with the confirmation early Saturday morning which stated that the installers would arrive that morning. We've located your order and will following up with you shortly to further discuss your concerns. Sweep the mop in an S-pattern, without retracing your strokes, to maximize efficacy.

I haven't had any complaints.

I was on vacation when they were calling me to try to set it up, but I wasn’t able to answer the phone. Sku # 7256404. Sohail, we understand that your time is valuable, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. She informed us and recommended a certain flooring that would not be affected by any water if this would occur. [{"id":"5372863","attrid":"product_line","name":"Product Line","type":"Text","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Access~~6\",\"Aloft 6\\\" X 48\\\" Plank~~8\",\"Caliber~~12\",\"Classic Collection~~3\",\"Devan~~4\",\"Embostic~~10\",\"Franklin~~9\",\"Halden~~4\",\"Highlander~~4\",\"LUXE Plank Best~~15\",\"LUXE Plank Better~~11\",\"Luxe Plank Good~~7\",\"LUXE Plank Value - Tile Look~~3\",\"LUXE Plank Value - Wood Look~~7\",\"Natural Living~~13\",\"Natural Personality~~4\",\"Pavilion~~7\",\"Portia~~6\",\"Rapture Plank~~6\",\"Thatcher~~8\",\"Units~~9\",\"Vivero Best Glue Down~~14\",\"Vivero Best With Integrilock~~11\",\"Vivero Better Glue Down~~14\",\"Vivero Better With Integrilock~~16\",\"Vivero Good Glue Down~~8\",\"Vivero Good Locking~~8\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5372759","attrid":"vinyl_tile_color_tones","name":"vinyl_tile_Color Tones","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Greys / Blacks~~1\",\"Beiges / Browns~~5\",\"Greens~~6\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5372754","attrid":"vinyl_tile_application","name":"vinyl_tile_Application","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Residential~~227\",\"Commercial~~133\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5372753","attrid":"vinyl_tile_appearance","name":"vinyl_tile_Appearance","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Wood Look~~136\",\"Tile Look~~3\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5372765","attrid":"vinyl_tile_width","name":"vinyl_tile_Width","type":"Text","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"12\\\"~~3\",\"36\\\"~~17\",\"4\\\"~~2\",\"48\\\"~~54\",\"6\\\"~~41\",\"6.18\\\"~~6\",\"7\\\"~~16\",\"7.25\\\"~~4\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5372760","attrid":"vinyl_tile_installation_method","name":"vinyl_tile_Installation Method","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Glue Down~~98\",\"Floating~~53\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5372755","attrid":"vinyl_tile_category","name":"vinyl_tile_Category","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)~~53\",\"LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank)~~55\",\"VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile)~~33\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5372757","attrid":"vinyl_tile_collection","name":"vinyl_tile_Collection","type":"Text","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Aloft Collection~~8\",\"LUXE Plank Value~~10\",\"Luxury Vinyl Plank (Glue Down)~~6\",\"Natural Living~~13\",\"Natural Personality~~4\",\"Vivero Best Glue Down~~14\",\"Vivero Best with IntegriLock~~11\",\"Vivero Better Glue Down~~14\",\"Vivero Better with IntegriLock~~16\",\"Vivero Good Glue Down~~8\",\"Vivero Good Locking~~8\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], {"id":"5372859","attrid":"features","name":"Features","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}.