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publishedAt: "2015-01-18T10:02:46Z", Of course, this is much more than a typical discount, it’s a physical device you install in your car that may lead to discounts of up to 30 percent. This will be our third time with the device, and we will once again be earning a discount -- It ended up being $100 discount on a $650 (6 month) policy = about 15% off. 'contentType':'news', border: none; He said “it would be possible to intercept data passed between the dongles and the insurance providers’ servers, likely including location and performance information, as they ‘do nothing to encrypt or otherwise protect the information they collect’.”.

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I have always wanted to beat the yellow, so I have fewer hard brakes than she earns each week. And an American company by the name of Digital Bond Labs reportedly found “major problems” with Snapshot.

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But be sure to contact Progressive directly to ensure availability, as it will probably change since this is a new program. If you can stand public transportation or carpooling for the six months of Snapshot doing its thing, then you'll get better rates for years as a result. z-index: 999999; border: none;

Sure, it’s possible to inject code telling your car to initiate automatic parallel park assist while you are speeding down the highway. This could rope in new drivers, who after becoming used to the presence of the device will go back to their wild ways. It hasn't changed in the 2 - 3 years I've had the thingy plugged into my car. Snapshot is already in use by monitoring driving in over two million vehicles in the U.S. } If you get the device and see that you're on pace to brake hard more than every 20 miles driven, race off the line, and drive a lot after midnight, then I'd send it back before the 45 day point of no return. A lot of other insurance companies have come along with the same technology as Progressive, though many of those seem to just use the GPS in your smart phone to spy on your driving.