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Red Rainbow Ultra Trachyphyllia 6. Reds and greens are the most common colors, though others are possible as are interesting contrasting patterns. Water Flow: Moderate This WYSIWYG coral is roughly 4.5" with many lobes.

These symbiotic algae provide the coral with electric greens, purples, reds, pinks and other combination of colors, making for a very colorful complement to any reef tank, provided some basic care requirements are met. Lighting Requirements: Moderate (PAR 150-250) A dosing pump can alleviate the chore of manually dosing your aquarium with Ca, Alk, & Mg 2,3, or 4 times per week and will benefit your aquarium by keeping your levels constant through frequent small additions of Ca, Alk, & Mg. Our tanks all progressed when we switched from 3 manual dosings per week to 70 automatic dosings per week and we got a lot more work done. The cost for online stores is around $25.00 to $150.00 USD per polyp and up, depending on size and color. Media Reactors make the most efficient use of your phosphate media by fluidizing it. Brain Coral for sale 4Less! We recommend a 14-20K colour spectrum for best colouration. Dosing: Vivid Aquariums uses and recommends dosing pumps to automate the dosing of additives and keep your levels more constant. They can be fed chunky bits of sea food and grow to impressive sizes once established. $ 129.99. Corals by mail order or collection from us in Hampshire. Quite a lot goes into how we go about shooting the corals and anemones you see on Tidal Gardens. LPS Corals, Trachyphyllia Brain Corals are one of the corals that can extend sweeper tentacles. Open Brains of the Genus Trachyphyllia are some of the most colorful brain corals available in the reef keeping hobby today.

Beginner to intermediate. Giving you the best possible coral with the highest chance at success. Please take a moment to review our Acclimation Guide. Raising magnesium levels gradually up to 1400-1600 ppm can help to combat algae outbreaks, just keep CA and Alk in line as you raise the Mg. Nitrates should be below 10 ppm and phosphates should be below .10 ppm. Check back often to see if we have more available for sale online because we are always on the lookout for rare color morphs and interesting patterns. For all your various converters, calculators, supplements calculators click here. Before introducing a Trachy LPS coral to your system, make sure it is fully cycled, with stable water quality parameters.

Trachyphyllia corals come in a variety of colours and sometimes dazzling patterns. It is important to replace your phosphate media when phosphates rise to .10 ppm. We take the risk out of buying coral online. We won't spam you. Please see below for additional care tips for Trachyphyllia Brain Corals as well as checking out our Top 5 Tips for setting up a reef. We sell high-end, rare, and exotic corals including Torch corals, Mushroom corals, Acropora corals, and more. They are a hardy large polyp stony coral that prefer subdued lighting and moderate flow.

Trachyphyllia coloration can vary somewhat based on the intensity and spectrum of lighting provided but is generally not dramatic. Unit price / per . They also do very well when placed directly on the sand bed provided Gobies and inverts don't bury them with sand.

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T5’s, Metal Halides, or LED’s can all grow Dragon soul Favia when the proper PAR levels are provided. From solid red, to solid green, to insane rainbow patterns and colorations, these are something to marvel at! Developed by Fraggle Reef Ltd © All rights reserved. This is a WYSIWYG coral you will get the coral which is in this photo a real showpiece! The symbiotic zooxanthellae provides most but not enough nutrition for the host coral, so supplemental feeding is required, which can be a lot of fun to do provided you take a little care. It is important that proper calcium (420-440 ppm), alkalinity (8-9.5 dkh – run it 7-8 if you are carbon dosing) , and magnesium levels (1260-1350 ppm) are maintained. Raising magnesium levels gradually up to 1400-1600 ppm can help to combat algae outbreaks, just keep CA and Alk in line as you raise the Mg. Nitrates should be below 10 ppm and phosphates should be below .10 ppm. The lobed appearance of the living tissue of this coral makes it easy to understand why they are often called “brain coral,” as they resemble the sulci (grooves) and gyri (ridges) of the mammalian brain. Proper acclimation is extremely important considering the stress imposed on the animals by the shipping process.

However, the resemblance ends there, as these LPS corals host photosynthetic algae called zooxanthellae in their tissue, which provide some but not all of the nutritional requirements of the coral. The images were taken with a Canon 5D mk II and 100mm macro lens under T5 Fluorescent lighting.

It is easily collected from the reef because when mature, they are not attached to the substrate. Click here for more information. Space should be provided between these corals and their neighbors. High flow is not recommended as feeding can be difficult. Open Brain Corals of the Genus Trachyphyllia are some of the most colorful brains available in the reef keeping hobby.

If you’ve been thinking about adding one or more of these stunning LPS corals to your display, browse our selection and choose with confidence. We recommend doing a water change when Nitrate levels rise to 10 ppm.

Pieces of this quality are rare and are becoming increasingly difficult to find for both collectors as well as hobbyists. 75-100, We have built our business one satisfied client at a time and we have achieved that by proving healthy corals at affordable prices and excellent customer service.