All targets are thicker and/or made of tougher materials, with the following specific changes: Carl, dressed in traditional Japanese garb, presents a Katana, but it bends on the ice block in "Ice Pick" and doesn't cut the fish in "Lifeline".

Dwayne goes next. The judges J. Neilson, Dave Baker, and Doug Marcaida were in the "hot seat" as fans asked them questions about the show, their personal lives, and bladesmithing techniques. On each episode, eight contestants compete through two rounds, using edged weapons that they have either forged themselves or had fabricated to their specifications. Jo's time was the fastest at 1:37, Rodrigo was 2:02 and Carl's 3:28 eliminating him. On each episode, eight contestants compete through two rounds, using edged weapons that they have either forged themselves or had fabricated to their specifications. On May 13, 2020, a special episode titled Forged in Fire: Meet the Judges aired at 8/9c on History.

Adam is a stuntman and bladesmith bringing a modified Kukri he made, but doesn't cut through the chicken in "Lifeline". The show is hosted by former NFL player and WCW/WWE professional wrestler Bill Goldberg,[1] along with co-host Tu Lam, a former US Army Special Forces Soldier, martial artist and edged weapons expert. 60 sind interessiert. WELCOME: You are logged in with an Unknown Provider and can now watch all available content. Teile diese Veranstaltung mit deinen Freunden. This course consists of six obstacles: In the season finale, the five episode winners and the runner-up with the fastest time in Dead Run compete for the $20,000 prize. Braulio, a Filipino martial artist brings a 100-year old Barong, but doesn't cut through the pipe in "Lifeline". © 2020, A&E Television Networks, LLC. Wayne is a bladesmith who proudly displays his custom two-handed Chopper and quickly completes the course. Sarah a martial artist and combat veteran presents a Japanese Katana sword, but fails to cut the fish in "Lifeline". Chris, Dwayne, Melanie and Josh all completed the course, but only the two fastest times will move on to round two. Dwayne competes in blade competitions against Chris and made his Competition Chopper for this comp and also completes the course.

Michael goes next.

Chris is a butcher and chooses a Butchers knife, but does not cut through the chicken in "Lifeline". The course consists of five obstacles: The second round, "Dead Run," is a course intended to test the two remaining contestants' speed, timing, accuracy, and precision in wielding their blades against both stationary and moving targets.

He brings his Celtiberian Ring Pommel War knife and completes the course, the first to do so without incurring a single penalty. Cast, judges, and producers.

Casey, Jason and Dustin were the only three to complete the round one course, but only the two with the quickest time move on and Casey is eliminated. All Rights Reserved. Ben, a former chef, forged a modernized Viking Norse Seax, but does not cut the fish in "Lifeline". Knife or Death (officially Forged in Fire: Knife or Death) is an American competition series that airs on the History channel. In a shocking finale they are pushed to their limits but only one can be crowned the Forged in Fire champion. Chris is a martial artist, presenting an 80-year old antique Barong and completes the course. 41:51. Jessi has been competing in blade sports for 6 years and is the first woman's National Champion. Despite pain and failure, two move on to the final round returning home to forge a legendary spiked shield. Get the latest on new episodes, bonus content, exclusive articles and more. "Forged in Fire: Knife or Death Sneak Peak", "History's New Competition FORGED IN FIRE: KNIFE OR DEATH Hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg Premieres 4/17", Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation,, History (American TV channel) original programming, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Jodi Flynn, David George, Simon Thomas and Vincent Cariati, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 05:42. Get the latest on new episodes…

Wayne with the fastest time of the night, a :58 run and Jacob with 1:11 move on to round two. Chris, Wayne, Jon and Jacob all completed the course. In the end, Jo beats out Rodrego's "Death Run" time of 5:46 with a quick run of 3:11 to take the win.

Only two will speed through to the final round where they’ll have five days to create a Viking sword. Brian is a corrections officer who has studied Filipino martial arts for 27-years, brings a custom Kukri, but fails to cut the fish in "Lifeline". The two who either finish the course or move the farthest along it in the shortest time advance to the second round. Dustin completes "Death Run" in 4:26, but Jason whips through the course in 3:28 to take home the crown. Nicole is a two-time chopping competition World Champion and brings a Competition Chopper, but does not cut through the chicken in "Lifeline".

Rodrigo is from Brazil and brings a Kopis sword, but fails to cut the fish in "Lifeline". David came in second on 'Forged in Fire' and forged a custom Bolo knife, but breaks the blade in half on the crate in "Stick And Move". Zane is a bladesmith from Texas and brings a Bowie knife he made, but didn't cut through the fish in "Lifeline". The Grand Champion and winner of the $20,000 prize will be determined from the six top competitors.

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Two-time Forged in Fire champion Travis Wuertz assists as the show's blade inspection specialist. Wildcard is next. Jo goes second. Forged in Fire - S07E17 - Charlemagne's Sword - January 15, 2020 || Forged in Fire (01/15/2020) New Thai Vision. 42:07.

You will soon receive emails about your favorite HISTORY shows. Josh is a weapons designer & bladesmith who was on Forged in Fire twice, coming in runner-up than winning the next. Michael, dressed in a kilt & ghillie shirt, presents an Oakeshott type 18b longsword and completes the course. Jason is a Knife Thrower that presents a Nepalese Kukri and completes the course.

Jacob goes next.

She wields her Competition Chopper that was made for her, but doesn't get through the chicken in "Lifeline". Matthew is a martial artist and dressed in a kilt, presents a Seax made for him, but didn't cut through the chicken in "Lifeline". Chris also incurs some penalties and completes the course with a time of 4:30, making Dwayne the winner. Dwayne incurs 3 penalties, but completes "Dead Run" in 3:45. 6 competitors, Jo, Jason, Michael, Dwayne,Jacob and a Wildcard. Travis Wuertz is on Facebook. Chris turned in the fastest time and Dwayne came in second, sending Melanie and Josh home. Chris teaches combat for stage & film and brings a Bowie knife forged by a friend, but does not cut through the fish in "Lifeline". Jon enjoys medieval combat and dressed in a knight's regalia, bears a modified Scandinavian Seax to also complete the course.

It is a spin-off from the successful Forged in Fire television series.

© 2020, A&E Television Networks, LLC. Melanie teaches Tae Kwon Do and shows her Medieval Bastard Sword in formal martial arts attire and completes the course, the first woman to do so. 42:04.

Three is the magic number as our blade smiths are asked to forge three or more metals into a blade of their signature style. Jo, a bladesmith and blade sports competitor is the 2017 Amateur Points National Champion from Texas, forged a Competition Chopper, but again doesn't cut the fish in "Lifeline". Wayne incurs 19 penalties throughout the course, but manages to complete "Death Run" in 7:15. Chris is a bladesmith and chopping competitor who made his own Competition Chopper and completes the course. Pat, a part-time bladesmith and high school shop teacher, always competes in a kilt due to his families Irish heritage and made a brush knife with bamboo and rubber handle, but doesn't cut through the chicken in "Lifeline". Dave, a chef, shows his German Messer Sword, bends it on the ice block in "Ice Pick" and for the third time in a row, doesn't cut the fish in "Lifeline". Lists the series featuring Travis Wuertz. Forged in Fire - Season 7 Episode 2 - General Patton's Saber#Forged in Fire - S 7 E0 2 - 16th October 2019. Brian, a martial artist brings a Filipino blade a student brought back from his travels. [3], Knife or Death premiered April 17, 2018 on History and is produced by Outpost Entertainment.[4]. After a punishing round of testing only one emerges to be crowned the Forged in Fire Champion. Casey is a combat veteran that uses a Competition Chopper to complete the course. The contestant who finishes the second-round course in the shorter time advances to the season finale, with a $20,000 cash prize at stake. Dustin, new to bladesmithing, forges a Falcata and completes the course. The contestants in each episode run two obstacle courses individually.

Dramas Island. James, the 2017 Bladesports World Champion brings a Competition Chopper he made for his competitions and completes the course. The only two to complete the first round course, James and Michael move on to round two, "Death Run". Jose is a career soldier and martial artist bringing a Chopper with a Tanto tip, but can't get through the fish in "Lifeline".