Still, like I said, it’s a really great book — it selectively uses prepared ingredients from the grocery store to save a lot of time when you’re in a pinch, and most of the recipes turn out well. Designed to be a companion for his weight-loss program, Racing Weight, this cookbook offers 100 recipes that are light, lean and designed for athletes, by athletes—all with the right mix of carbs, fat and protein. Everything I have tried is delicious and turns out perfectly. things like vegan cookies, and particularly potato chips. For me, this book was the perfect introduction to how fresh and delicious plant-based food can be. Here’s the amazon link so you can see what others are saying: But I Could Never Go Vegan by Kristy Turner is amazing! We are an active family with 3 girls, and our daughter is in training for girls rep hockey. Often considered the fourth sport, diet and food choices play a huge factor not just in overall performance, but longevity and staying healthy too. It meets all those criteria and is absolutely delicious. This book/cookbook is what made me transition from vegetarian to vegan. The Passionate Vegetarian by Crescent Dragonwagon.
1 cup whole-grain brown rice, cooked Great list! Sometimes I will pick up, one or two of the kids from school, but Julie generally takes care of this. Thanks, 6. Matt, thanks for sharing your insights. There’s an Asian one and a European influenced one was just released. Dreena Burton has some great recipes too!! When I’m not, with my wife and kids, I train 20-30 hours a week, practice entertainment law and am. My wife had always been essentially vegetarian, with the occasional piece of fish here, and there. 1½ cups drained canned baby corn 1 T peeled and finely chopped fresh ginger I am so excited about some of the recipes! These ingredients are great for lazy days, for sure, but a book that relies too heavily on them leaves one in deprivation! 5. 9 is “Color me Vegan” by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

For electrolytes, I love a cold glass of coconut water.
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Privacy Settings Vegan Triathlon Diet is the best book for any triathlete who is looking to swim faster, run at a better pace and cycle smoother. I don’t cheat on being vegan, but I have a soft spot for vegan junkfood –.