The recovery from the harbour of the bodies of two people who died of carbon monoxide poisoning leads the detectives to suspect a connection to the activities of Asian gangs. The body of a teenage boy is found in the boot of a car. | Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows The woman whose boyfriend Goldstein shot dead is released from jail on parole and keeps turning up wherever Goldie happens to be. When a man is killed by a speed boat deliberately driven into the back of his vessel, the detectives are unsuccessful in getting witnesses to come forward to testify when the person responsible is identified as one of Sydney's most notorious crime figures. As the conflict between Madigan and Formica intensifies, Frank's life hangs in the balance and he is forced to rely on his arch enemy, in Madigan, to survive. Guest Stars: Allison Cratchley, Anthony Martin, John Walton, Anita Hegh, Anthony Simcoe, Craig Elliott, Matthew Lilley, Mark Owen-Taylor, Marie-Louise Walker. When armed-robber Kiwi Dave pins Frank to the ground, holds a gun to his head and pulls the trigger, his near-death experience leads him on a one-man anti-gun campaign and a journey of self-discovery. The lives and cases of the members the Australian, Sydney based, New South Wales Police Rescue Squad. Dave has to cope with the pressures of running the station in Hawker's absence, finding his runaway son, and preventing his marriage from disintegrating. 8. She soon becomes entangled in the conflict between Brett and his older brother Liam, who works for a rival business. A spate of armed hold-ups have Goldie and Jack chasing a robber dressed like a cowboy from the wild west.

Meanwhile, Tommy finds himself in the middle of a dispute at the site of an archeological dig. It's payback time for the Rispoli family whose lives were cut by the police. Is she genuine or is she just after the $10,000 reward money being offered by the girl's parents? Rachel and Frank investigate the disappearance of a young barmaid, Livvy, last seen alive by Tayler, when they were in the same taxi together. Things get a little complicated when it is revealed that the man Frank is pretending to be, has a girlfriend.

When an accident pins a pregnant woman's arm underneath a boat, Rachel, the Nemesis crew and the divers have no choice but to deliver her baby underwater as the tide comes in and submerges the woman. This FAQ is empty. While Frank is away, Rachel and substitute partner Jack Christey take on surveillance duty to catch a rapist who has been abducting women from parked cars and assaulting them. The Nemesis crew are called upon to rescue a sixteen-year-old boy who is attempting to sail around the continent.

Frank and Rachel stake out a yacht to catch a scantily clad burglar.

When Rachel and Tommy arrest a teenager for break and enter, they discover that he is Dave's son, and have to charge him with the supplying and trafficking of illegal drugs. Guest Stars: Felix Williamson, Imogen Annesley, Roger Ward, Treffyn Koreshoff, Carmen Warrington, Steve Jones, Steve Le Marquand. Chris Kollias, the man Frank suspects of knowing more about his brother's death than he's saying, goes missing. Rayne Constatine. While investigating the murder of a thief and his missing haul of black opals, Goldie and Christey stumble upon an unexpected love triangle. Frank, Tommy and Gavin investigate the death of a bikie who was gunned down in a harbourside park. Packages of drugs found floating in the harbour keep the dive team busy as Dave tries to ease a shaken Sam Bailey back to work after the death of a fellow diver during a competition. A man is killed when a speed boat is deliberately driven into the back of his vessel. Frank and Rachel investigate a domestic dispute when a woman claims that her husband stabbed her.

6. Rate. Believing Frank was set up by Melbourne crime figure Charlie Hayes to discredit him as a witness in Gary Travis' upcoming trial, Rachel sets out to locate Ronny Jefferson. Trailer & Poster for ‘Annabellum: The Curse of Salem’, Detective Senior Constable Rachel 'Goldie' Goldstein, Detective Senior Constable Frank Holloway, Detective Senior Constable Michael Reilly. Frank and Brady inform Rachel of Knocker's involvement in Kevin's death, who has a hard time believing them at first. Hoping to find evidence connecting Knocker to Kevin's death, Inspector Brady coaxes Frank into doing a preliminary search of his house, but when Brady returns with a warrant, all of the implicating evidence is gone. He insists she is a grieving widow, but the woman is on Rachel's suspect list. Detectives discover two people who died of carbon monoxide poisoning, they suspect a connection to the activities of Asian gangs. Frank and Rachel stake out a yacht to catch a negligee-wearing burglar. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.