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"@type": "BreadcrumbList", "@type": "ListItem", We Buy Frozen Foods Closeouts. Supplier: OC Wholesale Company

"position": 1, Supplier: MJ candy & Closeouts Distribution, inc Amabec provides you Wholesale, Surplus , Overstocks, Liquidation And Closeouts Products Fom Top Retail Stores in Canada, at the best prices. We’re strategic and transparent about how we place your closeout products. We get products offered to us first and that allows us to offer it to our clients at the most competitive prices. Supplier: LA Distributing Company Allen R. Klein's proven track record as a provider of inventory liquidation services to many well-known companies since 1973 speaks for itself. Phone: 925-334-2118, Home | About Us | Contact Us |Add Your Company | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Disclaimer, Our Other Sites Phone: 347-672-6340, Price: .84 Supplier: MJ candy & Closeouts Distribution, inc We make rapid purchasing decisions then quietly move merchandise through our broad base of non-traditional outlets.

Supplier: SELL INVENTORY LLC Phone: 714-388-7418, Price: $3.25 Supplier: MJ candy & Closeouts Distribution, inc Phone: 714-388-7418, Price: $9.60 per case Phone: 9105361440, Price: 1.00 Our trusted relationships with alternative outlets allows us to provide you a quick “take-all” order for your grocery closeout inventory. We are liquidation buyers, not liquidation brokers. Supplier: OC Wholesale Company Supplier: Source Trading Int. "position": 2, French speaking buyers: Please click on the French flag below to translate our entire website into French for your convenience…

Business to Business Wholesalers of Closeout Merchandise, 99 Powerhouse Road, Suite 204Roslyn Heights, NY 11577, Remarketing Specialists of Surplus-Closeout-Liquidation Merchandise. Supplier: BARGAINMAX, INC. Phone: 9176763191, Price: .25 "name": "Home", Beverages, Closeout Soda, Closeout Drinks, Closeout Overstocks, Closeout We are independent sales agents who have developed a national sales platform buying and selling the following products: WONDERING WHAT WE BUY AND WHERE WE GET OUR PRODUCTS. Our relationships give us a competitive edge when it comes to discounted and discontinued foods for sale. Supplier: OC Wholesale Company

Phone: 9176763191, Price: $16.00 We are BUYERS and a supplier of Our lead buyer has 20 years experience as a closeout buyer helping companies maximize the value of short code grocery inventory. Phone: 323-838-0000, Price: Call For Pricing We handle shelf-stable and frozen foods and all categories of non-food items, both retail and foodservice sizes. Supplier: MJ candy & Closeouts Distribution, inc As a leading closeout food buyers company, Marvell Foods aggressively explores new opportunities to help food manufacturers, food processors, co-packers, and other food producers earn ROI on rejected foods, or products sitting in your inventory that for one reason or another have not sold, or may have even been rejected by your buyer. Phone: 704-277-8007, Price: $8.00/case or less

We are financially capable of handling any size deal and make immediate buying decisions. Supplier: Source Trading Int. Phone: 323-838-0000, Price: $0.30 - MSRP is $1.19-1.29

Phone: 9176763191, Price: $200/pallet We buy direct from manufacturers and find alternate distribution for their closeouts and overproductions that do not disturb present marketing. Closeout 99c Store Merchandise and more! Call Us today TEL: 954-635-0755 or e mail   Canada super deals-located only in canada. Wholesale Food Distributor Closeouts + Overruns + Overstock + Discontinued S&B Provisions buys and sells a variety of grocery items including refrigerated, frozen, and dry goods at deeply discounted rates.

Supplier: Source Trading Int. Socks, un Supplier: MJ candy & Closeouts Distribution, inc Check out our latest special deals. "position": 3, Supplier: OC Wholesale Company Bullpen Food is the solution for liquidation of your excess food and beverage situations. We also handle ingredients of all types for both human consumption as well as an animal grade for pet food use. Supplier: MJ candy & Closeouts Distribution, inc Phone: 9176763191, Price: $95.00 / case Supplier: OC Wholesale Company wares, Closeout Hardware, Closeout Soft Goods, Closeout Urban Wear, Phone: 9176763191, Price: .79 Supplier: LA Distributing Company Supplier: Source Trading Int. Thinking about donating instead of grocery liquidation for expiring inventory? Phone: 636 544 5426, Price: $7.00 Founded in 1993, each day we meet the liquidation needs of vendors around the globe by purchasing their overproductions, package changes, close-dated, excess and discontinued goods.


Supplier: St. Louis Wholesale From bulk canned goods, wholesale packaged items, and meats, to baked … Supplier: RedHawk Foods We are discrete and ensure that your grocery closeout products only go into the most trusted secondary channels.

Phone: 347-672-6340, Price: .82 Closeout Wholesale: Food, Non-Food, Retail, Food Service, Ingredients.

Phone: 414-858-9282, Price: $9.50/case We understand the sensitive issues that producers face when discounting their brands and we work diligently to make certain that our markets do not cross.

We are buyers.

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Supplier: OC Wholesale Company We understand the importance of protecting your brand and your customer relationships. Rely on us for efficient dissolution & distribution of your excess/obsolete inventory while achieving a fair and equitable return for your closeout products. One of Canada's Largest Wholesale Liquidators located in Niagara. Supplier: Source Trading Int. Welcome to WHAM a closeout food and beverage buyer company Wham is widely known as one of America’s largely trusted and respected closeout food & beverage companies. At Allen R. Klein Company, Inc., we offer over 40 years of surplus inventory liquidation experience and provide a wide variety of closeout services for all types of industries. Food Closeout Liquidations Overstock Buyer. Phone: 347-672-6340, Price: 9.20/12ct Cakes, Closeout Cookies, Seafood, etc. Our customers are primarily comprised of independent grocery stores, food banks, dollar and discount stores, correctional institutions , as well as other non-traditional user accounts. Supplier: BARGAINMAX, INC.

Phone: 714-388-7418, Price: $22.00 / case VDC Canada sells wholesale liquidation, customer return pallets, overstock retail inventory, below wholesale closeouts to online resellers for eBay and Amazon. Phone: 347-672-6340, Price: $150 /pallet Supplier: OC Wholesale Company Why waste food when you could sell it? From bulk canned goods, wholesale packaged items, and meats, to baked goods and dairy, we consider the purchase of any kind of overrun, surplus, closeout, insurance claim, or salvage items. Price: 16,100.00 We are Buyers of Canned Food. "@type": "ListItem", Learn More about Allen R. Klein Company, Inc. In addition to fresh and frozen unsold food, we also purchase: As close coded food wholesalers, we’re specially qualified to help alleviate problems like these. As a specialty food liquidator, we buy inventory and move it through alternative channels at lightening speed. Supplier: RedHawk Foods Supplier: Source Trading Int. Phone: 9176763191, Price: cheap At Allen R. Klein Company, Inc., we offer over 40 years of surplus inventory liquidation experience and provide a wide variety of closeout services for all types of industries. Marvell Foods will gladly buy it. Liquidations Frozen Food Buyers Frozen Food Closeouts Buyers Fruits Supplier: OC Wholesale Company "@context": "", We know your brand is everything and we do everything to safeguard it. "itemListElement": [{