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The Architects Collective

The Architects' Collective (Non-Profit Company) is entrusted with the responsibility of hosting events that promote the built environment and design through the accessible platform of culture. Our events comprise film festivals, exhibitions, competitions, seminars and associated cultural activities, directed under the leadership, guidance and control of a duly constituted Board of Directors representative of the South African architectural profession.

“advancement, promotion or preservation of arts, culture or customs...and all aspects of shelter and the built environment” – Memorandum of Association

The Architects’ Collective advances the built environment through research, studies and skills development. Commissioning films and research advances knowledge about cities and the built environment. And our educational initiatives grow the built environment professions and advance the skills of students and future leaders.

We promote through culture to a wider audience. Through publications, festivals and exhibitions we promote, educate and entertain the public outside of the profession.

We preserve our architectural heritage through archives and publications. We record and archive – our past and heritage; the present, our history in the making; and to offer solutions for the future, for our children’s future.

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